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Genesis 3:8-9; Isaiah 65:1-2; Romans 5:10; John 3:16; James 2:19; Mark 12:28-30; Genesis 1:26; Psalm 63:1

Refining Our Relationship with God
Steven Chin

Genesis 3:8-9
Isaiah 65:1-2
Romans 5:10
John 3:16

1. Knowing Facts and Knowing a Person
James 2:19

It only takes one way to know but two ways to build.
Relationship building is not a skill, its a desire.
Our goal is not for us to know more about God everyday instead to grow in our relationship with Him.

Mark 12:28-30

Angry - Psalms 7:11
Lovers - Psalms 136:1
Grief - Psalms 78:39
Compassion - Psalms 135:14
Hates - Psalms 11:5
Laughs - Psalms 37:13

Genesis 1:26

2. Emotionalism and Stoicism
Emotionalism - all that matters is "How I feel". Everything I do in life is based on my emotions.
Stoicism - Feelings aren't important at all. Emotions is not part of my life.

Passion, affection, heart.
Mind-intelect, Heart-emotion
Connect with Him emotionally

Psalm 63:1

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