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John 6:1-4; John 6:15; Psalm 37:7; John 6:5-9; John 1:41-42; John 6:11-13

1. Seek God Not Miracles

John 6:1-4

John 6:15

- We expect God to reply our prayers immediately, just like instant messaging.

- Do we have any misconception for God?

Psalm 37:7

- The people then treated Jesus as a miracle healer, a problem solver.

- If we are not facing any problems, if we do not need help, we do not go to God. God does not hear from us.

- They were not interested in Jesus, they were interested in what Jesus could give them. (Heal the blind, heal sickness, etc)

- If that is our only view of God, it is very easy for us to become bitter towards God when God does not answer us what we want to hear.

2. Use What We Have, Let God Do The Rest

John 6:5-9

- Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?

John 1:41-42

John 6:11-13

What will you do today with your 5 loaves and 2 fishes?

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