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James 5:17-18; Luke 11:5-13; Matthew 26:39-44
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Childlike Prayer

The Prayer of Faith
- Elijah -

(James 5:17-18)

Could My Prayers:
- do something outstanding, release rain?
- affect who’s the next PM?
- give an orphan a home?
- set a girl from trafficking?
- bring a lost soul into the kingdom?

Powerful Prayer...Be like Children

1. We Come Before God Our Father

- Matthew 6:6
- concentrate on God & relationship with Him
- simply approach God as our Father
- not be intimidated
- childlike attitude
- delighted to hear from His children

The Little Children & Jesus
Luke 18:16-17

2. We Come Before Him With Trust

- isn’t no an answer?
- our Father knows best

Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer
Luke 11:5-13
Verse 5-8

- God is willing and able

Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer
Luke 11:5-13
Verse 9-10

- God listens

Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer
Luke 11:5-13
Verse 11-13

- God answers in grace

Matthew 26:39,42,44

We Are To Recognize:
- big (God), small (us)
- perfect wisdom, learning to walk
- Father, child

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