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Ruth 1:1-7; Ruth 1:16-17; Ruth 3:1-6; Luke 18:1-8; John 2:1-5
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Honoring Mothers
Burt Ong

There’s no doubt that mothering is the toughest job that you will ever have.
There were 2 books name after women in the Bible – Esther & Ruth. In Ruth, there is another woman whose influence changed the course of history. She is like a mother who hides in the background so that her children can stand out

Ruth 1:1-7

We would never act differently in front of strangers, but our family sees who we really are. The only thing of value we can give is what we are, not what we have!

1. Nurturing
Ruth 1:16-17

2. Persistent
Ruth 3:1-6

When it comes to persistent in the Bible, it got to do with women
Luke 18:1-8 (Parable of the Persistent Widow)
John 2:1-5 (Wedding in Cana)

Being persistent is good but we have to be care with the limit. We may come across strong and offensive sometimes

No man or woman who lives for God gets everything he wants. The life of the godly will contain disappointments along the journey, but it is still infinitely richer and more satisfying than life without God.

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