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1 Peter 4:7-11; Mark 13:2; Luke 13:31-32
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1 Goal + 4 Commands
Burt Ong

1 Peter 4:7-11

Purpose of 1 Peter:
Live a victorious life in the midst of hostility
- without losing hope
- without becoming bitter
- trust in their Lord
- Second coming

Believers can continue to live a faithful life and evangelize this hostile world

Mark 13:2
1 Peter 4: 7-11
-Be alert and of sober mind
-Above all, love each other deeply
-Offer hospitality to one another
-Use gift you have received to serve others

1. Be alert and of sober mind.
Not to be swept away be emotions and passions but maintaining an eternal perspective in life. A mind fixed on his return is purified and enjoy a fullness of fellowship with the Lord.

Luke 13:31-32

2. Above all, love each other deeply
We know it takes work because the proof of this love, according to Peter, is forgiveness: “love covers a multitude of sins”. If you are lacking in the love department, you’re missing the key virtue of the new life

3. Offer Hospitality to One Another
Peter adds "without grumbling” because is easy to just do but from the outward but not from the heart. Hospitality can be an exasperating, not to mention expensive, chore, etc. Your house, no matter how big or small, is a gift from God to be used to serve others

4. Use gift you have received to serve others
-Are not selfish in nature
-Building (active not passive)
-Not Stressful but Strengthen

Spiritual gifts should be used for God’s glory and to minister to others, while talents can be used entirely for non-spiritual purposes.

Health of a church is measured not by the number of people who attend or the size of the offering, but by how many people are involved in ministry. Every single one of you should be able to identify where God has gifted you, because God has given you, regardless of your age.

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