Contributions Submissions

Contributions can be submitted by online banking and ensure the receipt are submitted to the Church admin.

Banking Contributions

For monthly contributions please bank-in to the TPRI CIMB account & send the receipt to the TPRI specific email address.

Meanwhile for special contributions, please bank-in to the Church CIMB account and send the receipt to the contribution email address.

For security reason, the account numbers are not shown here. Please call the Church office or send a message to any of the administrative staff to find out the account number and email address to send the receipt to.


What is TPRI?

TPRI is short for Tabung Pengurusan Rumah Ibadat.

TPRI is an organization established and maintained exclusively to administer and augment a public fund established and held solely for the purposes of

  • religious worship; or
  • advancement of religious

Subparagraph 44(7)(c) of Income Tax Act 1967

Cash contributions to TPRI is now tax deductible up to:

  • 7% of the aggregate income for individuals; or
  • 10% of the aggregate income for corporations.

IMPORTANT (section 44(6) of Income Tax Act 1967):

  • To calculate the tax deduction amount, we have to include donations to other approved institutions (such as HOPE), NOT just 7%/10% of our contribution to church.
  • Contributions in kind (e.g. food, clothing, computers, property, shares, building materials etc) are not allowed for tax deduction.