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Matthew 22:23-33; Deuteronomy 25:5; Matthew 22:29-31; Matthew 13:1-7; Matthew 13:13-15

Running with the Vision of God
Darick Wong

1. My Eyes have seen the Glory of God
Matt 22:23-33
Deut 25:5
The Sadducees sounded like they had a legitimate argument or question for Jesus!
Maybe their concern is real. Perhaps it is a real life issue!

Matt 22:29-31
Jesus knew the heart of the Sadducees. All the Sadducees wanted to see was the matter of their personal interest and they never even believed in what Jesus have said.

Sadducees (Greek, Saddoukaioi)
-Their name comes from a root meaning “to be righteous.”
-They were the political party of Jewish aristocrats.
-They were the party favored by Rome.
-They accepted the Law of Moses (Gen.—Deut.), but rejected the later teachings of the prophets.
-They rejected the traditions of the Pharisees, interpreting the law literally.
-They denied the resurrection (including future reward and punishment), angels and demons.
-They were the chief priests.

The Sadducees saw what they wanted to see. They are not prepared to see what Jesus wanted them to see.

The illusion of the eye

Do we see what we want to see VS What God wants us to see?

2. My Ears have heard the calling of the Lord
Matt 13:1-7

Some Facts
-Jesus shared a story related to farming because most people are farmers
-Jesus's arrival garnered so many attendance.
-Interestingly, the scripture mention those who 'have ears let them listen'

The Israelites cannot hear Jesus?
-Do you think every one that came that day are interested in listening to Jesus's teaching.
-Wondering those who are expert in farming would react when Jesus came that day teaching them about farming…
-Perhaps some thinks their farming are better than Jesus.

Some Possibility
-Not everyone that came that day are interested to listen Jesus's teaching.
-Some may feel it is a waste of their time.

However Jesus said those who have ear let them listen, hence there is many who attended that day didn't even bother to capture what Jesus is teaching. Many pick and choose what they like to listen vs what Christ wants them to capture.

Matt 13:13-15
People’s heart has become calloused What is calloused? How can our heart be calloused? Is our heart calloused today?

When our EYES are not seeing God and our EARS are not hearing his words, how then can we know if this is from God?
How can we capture God’s vision and run with His vision?
How we SEE God and HEAR God, that’s how big our faith is

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