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Matthew 4:19; Matthew 10:5-23; Matthew 10:26; Matthew 10:29-31

Come Follow Me

“Come” Matt 4:19 – Jesus calling his first disciple.
- Open invitation.
- Verb – being free.
- No obligation.

Come and buy

Jesus made the same pitch ‘COME’, and today we are all sitting here after we responded to his invitation.

1. If you follow Jesus, He will send you.
Matt 10:5-23
When Jesus Sends You, He Sends You.
- To the poor, needy, the sick and the leprosy- Meeting the poor and needy (Matthew 10:6-8)
- Send you with nothing accept his peace and power, with no money, no bags, no shirts, no walking sticks – to villages and pray that they open their house for you (Matt 10:9-15)
- To the be send out like sheep among wolf, People will ridicule us, local council will against us, governors and kings will meet with us etc. (Matt 10:16-18)
- To be send to be betrayed by family members. (Matt 10:21)
- To be send and hated by people. Interesting when we are persecuted in one place, Jesus asked us to flee to another place (Matt 10:22-23)

Are we surprised by Jesus’s called for Discipleship?

Dinesh and Caroline George – leading Indian churches of 6000 disciples.

2. If He send you, He will guide you.
Do You Believe This?
Or DO we BELIEVE this more?
- Excuses.

“The biggest barrier to starting a company isn't ideas, funding or experience. It's excuses.”
Sarah Lacy

Are we burdened by our excuses ?

Despite what we need to go through, here is Jesus’s support.
- The Lord will guide us what to say and when to say it. Holy spirit will guide us what we say. (Matt 10:19-20)
- The Lord will expose everything.. (Matt 10:26)
- The Lord will watch over us. (Matt 10:29-31)
- When we receive the Lord, we will also receive the Lord’s reward.

What's our biggest excuse today?

- Kiki -baptised in 2005 Jakarta.
- Businessman- has 7000 employees.
- His children used to call him “Uncle”
- Used to carry guns around even during bible study period.
- Children got baptised.
- Marriage and life transformed.
- He followed Jesus and give no excuses.

If we are living a burdensome life most likely we just didn’t do it.

- Being more real/authentic as a disciples as I grow older as a Christian.
- Seek to examine the scripture daily and growing in my obedience towards the scripture I read.

Come Follow Me
1.If you follow Jesus, He will send you
2.If He send you, He will guide you

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