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Genesis 32:22-32

Refining Our Pursuit with God (Part 2)

How to wrestle with God?
- there are times where we wrestle with issues in our life
- sometimes we do question about God
- we wrestle with God when we are considering His will

Genesis 32:22-32
- Jacob wrestled with God
- Jacob was never the same again, a new name, a new walk, a new character
- this wrestle was more than just a physical wrestle. It was also a spiritual and emotional one
- have you ever felt like you wrestled with God?
- Jacob would have felt physically worn out
- why did God wrestle with Jacob?
- this wrestle was not just what God wanted, but also what Jacob needed
- how can God lose to Jacob? Obviously God allowed him to win

1. God is in charge
- Jacob learnt that he cannot push God around, like how he has been doing things
- no matter how hard you try, you can never win over me
- at that time, the most important thing was to get God's blessings
- no matter how big or strong, no matter how tricky Jacob can be, God is always better than him
- Jacob was a broken man, physically and spiritually
- when that happens, God can use his life to make a difference
- if we are not broken of our crimes, God cannot use us
- just like Jacob, he was prideful before that, and God was unable to use that. God had to humble him
- Jacob has never pursuit God. God has to always pursuit him
- God wants us to come to Him with desperation, like how Jacob did
- we try to do things on our own, and we fail because we are too weak. God wants us to get the blessing from Him
- this wrestling match is between God and us
- Jacob was not ready to yeild, until God disabled him
- God made Jacob walk differently, and that can be a reminder for Jacob for the rest of his life
- Jacob's walk was different from then on, and he learnt to lean on God's strength
- when we wrestle with God, we will walk differently after that too. There should be a new walk like Jacob
- after wrestling with God, we will think differently, talk differently, behave differently
- God will change us when we wrestle with God
- there can only be one person in charge, which is God
- what is it that God has to do to get your attention and make you yeild to God?

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