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1 Samuel 13:5; 1 Samuel 14:1-15

1. The Hero You Seek Is In The Mirror

1 Samuel 13:5-7/15/19
- the Israelites can even sharpen their own weapons, they were probably feeling helpless and defenseless.
- sometimes we are caught in a cycle of negativity.

1 Samuel 14:1-15
- some people were hiding, some ran away, but these 600 men were brave and went forward.
- altough they went forward, they were still afraid.
- as a christian, we want to be Godly, do whats right, but at times we get afraid.
- some of us on the battlefield, we just sit under the pomegranade tree, we do nothing.
- sermons can't force you to do anything, its our conviction with God that makes us do things.
- we cannot hide behind our leaders, waiting for instructions.
- do we have to wait for our leaders to keep telling us to do things?
- is this humility? or faithlessness?
- God wants to call all of us to be heroes.
- Jonathan was not a king, he did not have many followers, just one armour bearer.

2. The Power You Need Is In Prayer
- many times we wonder why we try to do things, but keep failing.
- that's because many times we rely on our own strength rather than on God's power.
- Jonathan's inspiring speech is everyhing about God. He relied everything on God.
- sometimes as 'old dogs', we start to wonder why are there no more miracles?
- after getting older, we gain more skills and experience, we start to rely on that, and rely less on God.
- how much do we turn to God nowadays?
- and we wonder why there's no more miracles.
- experiences stops us from dreaming. We tried it before and failed, so we won't try it again.
- you will not see miracles unless you put yourself in situations that requires it.
- let us stop hiding because we live in a world that requires miracles.
- we need to starting looking at our lives, and how we can use it to impact the lives of others.

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