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Nehemiah 11:1-2; Nehemiah 7:1-2; Nehemiah 11:1; Matthew 20:25-28; Nehemiah 11:2; 1 Corinthians 15:57-58

Known To God
Burt Ong

Nehemiah 11:1-2
-People are in a revival back to God
-Nehemiah & Ezra didn't do it alone
-They were joined by a host of people who dedicated themselves to the service of God.
-A long list of people whose names are unknown to us.

Who is your favorite character in the Bible? “Mephibosheth” or “Onesiphorus” or “Habakkuk”
They are among the willing nobodies who made their contributions in the service of God

Nehemiah 7:1-2
Why do we do what we do, especially when no one is watching?
Are we too focus on getting recognition? Are we more concern to be known by in eyes of the world or in the eyes of God?

1. There are those who are drafted
Nehemiah 11:1
The city had been completely destroyed 160 years before. But before anyone could build a house in the city they would have to deal with all the rubble. It would take a lot of time & effort before they could even start on the task of building their home

They didn't feel safe in Jerusalem. For years the walls had been down & the city open to enemies. During these years the people had built new homes & towns outside of Jerusalem. They have planted their roots in the soil elsewhere & they simply comfortable with where they are.

Only when Jerusalem was strong & secure once again could they in their little towns feel strong & secure again. But who would want to leave their homes to start all over again in the city? They cast lots, & every 10th family was drafted.

How would you like to be drafted? Seem like no choice. Not what you want but was pick. Usually how would be the feeling & reaction?

Matthew 20:25-28

2. There are those who volunteer
Nehemiah 11:2
The word "volunteer" here in Hebrew means "to incite, to impell from within, a tremendous urge from within to do something.”

Volunteering requires effort, time, sacrifice, money etc. Not common yet we need them. Doing not because you have to but you want to.

1 Corinthians 15:57-58

Realize that, while our ministries, our service for God, may not be greeted with thundering applause from the multitudes. Also remember - our rewards are not dependent upon the applause, either, but rather upon our faithfulness & our willingness to serve.


God never forgets that which we do for Him - they are not unnoticed.


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