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Nehemiah 10:1-27; Numbers 30:2; Ecclesiastes 5:4; Matthew 5:33-37; 1 Chronicles 16:9; Leviticus 5:11; Matthew 6:21

A Lasting Covenant
Burt Ong

Nehemiah 10:1-27
Putting a seal on a document is a serious matter because it meant taking a solemn oath before the Lord.

Numbers 30:2
Ecclesiastes 5:4
Matthew 5:33-37

In the world we have agreement, contract that we are to honor it. If we break it, there are consequences.
How do we view our vows and covenant before God today?

1. How Committed Are You In Obeying The Law?
1 Chronicles 16:9

Do we have the same submission and devotion today? How seriously do you take His Word?

2. How Committed Are You To Give And Serve?

There was nothing remotely optional about the support of God’s work. Everyone was required to give in one form or another.
a) Because we have to that’s law
b) Because we ought to that’s obligation
c) Because we want to that’s grace

Giving Sacrificially
Leviticus 5:11

While not everyone can give the same amount, everyone can make the same sacrifice. Not equal giving, but equal sacrifice.
“If you give what you do not need, it isn’t giving.” - Mother Teresa

Matthew 6:21

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