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Acts 9:1-29; 2 Timothy 3:12; Matthew 22:14

Set Apart a.k.a Chosen 2.0

Have you been chosen for something?

Acts 9:1-2 The Treats
Acts 9:3-6 The Flashed Light
Acts 9:7-10 The Blindness
Acts 9:11-14 The Reputation

1. Once Intimidated but Now Undaunted
Acts 9:15-16 The Chosen One
Acts 9:17-19 The Baptism
Ananias - Chosen to preach to the most initmidating person

2. Once Doubted but Now Convinced
Acts 9:20-22 The Preaching
At once Saul preached. He was transformed immediately.
How convinced are we? Have we stopped sharing?

3. Once Persecuting but Now Persecuted
Acts 9:23-25,29 The plot to kill
Acts 9:1-2 The Threats
The persecution begins because the truth was preached

2 Timothy 3:12

For many are invited but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14)

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